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Philip S. Naudus

After 12,000 tons of molasses spilled onto the streets of Boston, the public demanded that corporations be held accountable for their actions

Aftermath of the Great Molasses Flood. Image colorized by author, original from Wikimedia Commons.

Isaac Gonzales woke up in a cold sweat. Every night, it was the same nightmare. Over the past year, Isaac had begged executives of the US Industrial Alcohol Company (USIA) to repair their molasses tank, even ripping rusty shards from the tank’s walls and bringing them in as evidence. …

How one tweet turned into an overnight sensation

I know you want become rich and famous, just like me! Background by natanaelginting (freepik)

Monday, October 4, 7:00am. Ugh, today’s Monday. I’m having a terrible time dragging myself out of bed. Just when I’m about to turn off my phone and jump in the shower, I come across the perfect piece of trivia. This is my ticket to fame.

Monday, October 4, 7:25am. I…

The truth behind Operation Sani-Flush

Skyraider 572 carrying a toilet
How did a toilet get attached to the bottom of this airplane’s wing? Image credit: US Navy (Public domain)

On November 5 1965, US Skyraider 572 was being prepared for takeoff when the crew decided to attach something extra to the aircraft — a toilet.

During the Vietnam War, supply lines were stretched thin so thin that bombers were laden with less than half the weight they could normally…

Rosalind Franklin’s greatest misfortune was being born a woman

It’s a shame that so much science was lost due to the misogyny Rosalind Franklin was forced to endure. Image colorized by author, original from the US National Library of Science.

In the early 1900s, science was almost entirely dominated by men. But since Rosalind Franklin’s father insisted that she attend one of the few schools in London that taught physics and chemistry to girls, she quickly developed an insatiable appetite for knowledge.

After graduating at the top of her class…

His usage of touchscreen displays is second to none

“Freddie’s not SHARING!!”
Images by Philip and Linda Naudus. Backgrounds by upklyak (freepik).

Dear Admissions Committee:

I have been Michael Sylvester’s teacher for three long years, and am truly ecstatic to recommend him for your elite program.

When I first met Michael, I was immediately impressed by his technical abilities. As a digital native, his usage of touchscreen displays is second to none…

Humor is a powerful weapon — use it wisely

What would you do if a raging tyrant wanted you to paint the enemy side of the nation's wall? Background by Joel Danielson (Unsplash)

Soon after Emperor Qin Er Shi rose to power in 209 BC, he began to fret that the Great Wall wasn’t aesthetically pleasing.

Despite objections raised by numerous officials, the emperor refused to listen. He didn’t care that thousands of men would be lost while repelling down into enemy territory…

Their product appealed to the wrong demographic — so, they set out to change the demographics of car owners

Illustration of a koala in a Michelin Man outfit holding a platter inside of a fancy restaurant. There is a pile of tires behind him.
Why is there a pile of tires in the middle of this fancy restaurant? Based on images by Ishan (Unsplash) and macrovector (freepik).

After years of experimentation, the Michelin brothers had brought their latest invention to life — a removable automobile tire. Car owners no longer needed to replace the entire wheel after getting a flat, and Michelin tires were so resistant to punctures that they came with an unprecedented warranty. …


Keeping it real — timeless advice from a top dog

When I was in high school, I had a crush on a girl. She was different from anyone I had ever met — mostly because she was a zombie. …

Philip S. Naudus

High school teacher by day, koala by night. My wife is a cartoonist with a Ph.D., and she co-authors all of these articles. Contact:

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