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Scientists have discovered to key to reducing Big Ag’s carbon footprint — but will anyone want to eat these new superfoods?

Does it really taste like chicken? (Images by Philip and Linda Naudus/yingyang/freepik)

“They’re delicious!”

My wife was trying to convince me to try silkworms. She had grown up eating them, but I was accustomed to “real” food such as pork and chicken. I really didn’t relish the idea of placing a dead bug in my mouth.

But if you think about it…


What writers can learn from the most pointlessly “advanced” toilet in history

During WWII, German engineers pushed underwater plumbing to new depths (Images by Philip and Linda Naudus/Wikimedia Commons/Day of the Tentacle)

German engineers who designed the U-1206 were masters of science and technology. But this submarine’s most unique feature had nothing to do with warfare — its toilet could expel waste at any depth.

Previously, toilet waste was transferred to a holding tank. Once the vessel reached an altitude where water…

One man wanted to own every onion in America — and it ruined the economy

Are onions really that important to the economy? (Image by Philip and Linda Naudus/Polina Kovaleva/terdpongvector)

In 1955, Vincent Kosuga decided he wanted to own every onion in America.

But Kosuga didn’t stop there. He moved on to buying up all the onion futures, as well. Onion futures are essentially a way merchants use to pre-order onions, and Kosuga had pre-ordered every onion possible. …

The evidence is clear — oppressive pants enforcement will condemn us all

Drop your pants and join the resistance! (Images by Philip and Linda Naudus/Norbu/Unsplash)

If we are to be free, we must fight. It’s not just about personal preference — it’s about emancipation and taking ownership over our bodies. Every individual has the right to choose, yet many of us have let authoritarian governments bind us to old and outdated practices.

It’s time we…


Did you know WWII tacticians frequently experienced “writer’s block?” Here’s how they overcame it.

It’s a shame that detective movies never show what the creative thought process really looks like (macrovector/freepik)

When the New York Times asked Pulitzer Prize winner Annie Dillard for her best writing advice, she responded with an article explaining why every author must “Write as if you were dying. …

The truth behind Napolean’s strangest battle

The most powerful man on Earth was no match for several thousand rabbits (Image by Philip and Linda Naudus/Van Gough)

What led to Napoleon’s downfall? Was it is arrogance? His unquenchable thirst for power? Or, was it his aide’s unhealthy obsession with bunnies?

In July 1807, Napoleon was looking to celebrate signing the Treaties of Tilsit. …


A data scientist at Facebook explains how to make your content spread — by keeping secrets

After the Titanic sank, hardly anyone could believe the news. But when the wreckage was finally discovered, even more unanswered questions began to surface. (Images by Philip and Linda Naudus/Vidar Nordli-Mathisen/Unsplash)

In September 1985, news of the Titanic’s discovery shocked the world. For over seventy years, countless oceanographers had scoured the ocean floor, but the wreckage had never been discovered — until now. Newspapers clamored to report the details of what was undoubtedly the find of the century. …

Philip S. Naudus

High school teacher by day, koala by night. My wife is a cartoonist with a Ph.D., and she co-authors all of these articles. Contact:

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